Effective (Elixir-Like) Prayers to Eradicate all Miseries, Difficulties and Mental Confusion

Miseries / Difficulties
Solution through Prayers
23. To remove the superstitious thoughts regarding demons, sorcery and other evil spirits.
Recite Ardibehest Yasht.
Recite Atash Neyayesh.
Offer a prayer to Hom Yazad.
Recite Vanat Yasht Nirang (Kool Bala Dafe Savad...)
Go to Atashbehram.
Recite Sarosh Baj / Yasht.
Recite Ahuramazda Yasht.
Recite Nirang of Shah Faredoon.
24. To get your wish fulfilled

Recite Ardibehest Yasht.
Recite Avan Yasht.
Recite Avan Ardvisur Neyayesh near the river or the seashore.
Recite Haptan Yasht.
Recite the Manthras of Badhan Yasht (i.e. Yatha / Ashem / Yenghehe Hatam together).

25. To get relief from epidemics like Cholera and plague and to get rid of famine.
Offer prayers to Hom Yazad.
Remember Shah Faredoon and have his Baj ceremony performed in Agiary.
Remember seven Ameshaspands.
Recite 101 names of Dadar Ahuramazda off and on.
Recite Vanat Yasht.
To complete the work you have taken on your hand as a duty.
Worship seven Ameshaspands.
Worship Avan Ardvisur with devotion.
Get Baj and Afringan ceremonies performed remembrance of Shah Jamshid and Gayomard.
To remove the factors which hampers your reputation; and to acquire honour.
Recite Hormaz Yasht.
Recite Yatha continuously.
Offering of Manchi to Atash padshah in Atash Behram.
Recite Shah Faredoon's Nirang.
For the Speedy removal of any difficulty.
Worship Gosh Yazad.
Recite Gosh Yasht.
Recite Mahbokhtar Neyayesh.
Recite Nirang of Sarosh Yasht.
Recite Yatha / Ashem / Yengehe hatam
To accomplish the auspicious occasion of marriage successfully
Recite 101 names of Dadar Ahuramazda.
Get Daroon / Baj / Afringan and Jashan ceremonies performed in the name of Dadar Ahuramazda.
Recite Sarosh Baj / Yasht.
Recite Moti Hom Yasht.
Worship Ram Yazad.
Recite Ram Yasht.
Get Daroon / Baj ceremony of Ram Yazad performed by Mobed Saheb.
For Long Life
Worship Amardad Ameshaspand.
Remember 33 Fareshtas soulfully.
Recite Siroja Yasht.
Remember Asho Farohar with soul-force.
To break the strength of the enemy.
Recite Behram Yasht.
Recite Siroja Yasht.
Remember 33 Fareshtas devotedly.
To achieve wordly happiness.
Recite Ashishwangh Yasht.
To achieve kind blessings of Nature.
Go to Atashbehram and offer sandalwood Manchi ro Padshah Saheb.
Recite Atash Neyayesh.

At the time of taking
possession of a new

At the time of performing ritual like Vastu and Bhoomi Poojan.

Recite Jamyad Yasht.

Have Jashan and Fareshta ceremonies performed.
Success in religious undertakings.

Worship CHIST-DIN Yazad (Din Yasht).
Appear before Atash Padshah of Atashbehram regularly.
Recite Yatha / Ashem.
Recite Khordad Yasht.
When you are in great difficulty or tension
Offer a prayer to Shehrever Ameshaspand as propounded by Dastoorji Kookadaru Saheb.
37. To Achieve more knowledge Worship Behman Ameshaspand.
Recite Behman Yasht.
38. To increase acquisition of land and property. Recite Jamyad Yasht.
39. To get reward of physical labour. Recite Knordad Yasht.
40. For total devotion to Dadar Ahuramazda. Recite Khordad Yasht.
41. To increase friend circle. Recite Meher Yasht.
42. To increase the yield of milk in cows and milk giving animals. Recite Behman Yasht.
Recite Gosh Yasht.
43. For the safety and success of intended work. Have the following ceremonies performed in Agiary.
Gosh Yazad-ni-Yajasne in the name of VIF and KHASHES BED, Jashan ceremony.
44. The frequent appearances of the dead in dreams. Recite Fravardin Yasht.
Recite Sarosh Yasht Vadi.