Effective (Elixir-Like) Prayers to Eradicate all Miseries, Difficulties and Mental Confusion

Miseries / Difficulties
Solution through Prayers
1. Court trials


Recite Khorshed -
Meher Neyayesh

Recite Meher Yast

Recite Avan Yasht or Neyayesh
2. To overcome addictions
of drugs, alcohol etc.

Worship Sarosh Yazad,
Recite Sarosh Baj / Yasht,
Recite Ardibehest Yasht

3. To have relief and
comfort in life

To get freedom from anxiety
Take a religious vow to have Fareshta
Ceremony performed

Recite Siroja Yasht. Have Fareshta Ceremony performed after you get success.
Recite Astad Yasht
Recite Behram Yasht
Offering of Sandalwood to Padshah Saheb in Atashbehram.
To remove all calamities
Recite Dastoorji Kookadaru's prayer of "Sherevar Ameshaspand".
Recite Siroja Yasht
Worship 33 Fareshtas.
Recite Vanant YAsht
Recite Yatha, Ashem continuously
To get rid of evil spirits and to destroy the effect of black magic etc....
Worship Ardibehest Ameshaspand
Recite Ardibehest Yasht
Recite Haptan Yasht - Recite Yatoo Ji paragraph repeatedly everyday.
If you have seen a bad dreams and when you are scared of nightmares.
Recite Ardibehest Yasht.
Have Baj / Daroon Baj / Afringan ceremonies performed by Mobed Sahed. Offer a prayer to Hom Yazad
Recite Sarosh Baj off and on.
Recite Shah Faredoon's Nirang.
Remember Shah Shyavax devotedly.
Poisonous animal causing illness
Do Padyab kusti off and on.
Have Ardibehest Ameshaspand's Baj ceremony performed by Mobed Saheb.
Loss in agriculture
Worship Khordad Ameshaspand
Recite Khordad Yasht
Recite Khorshed-Meher Neyayesh
Recite Meher Yasht
Recite Avan Yasht and Neyayesh
When you are not fortunate to have issues
Go to Atashbehram and kneel before Atash Padshah with all devotion.
Offering of Sandalwood , Frankincense and Manchi to Padshah Saheb.
Plant trees.
To lead children on to the path of wisdom and discipline.
Do as mentioned in Item 9.
To remove fright and superstitious thoughts regarding demons, ghosts, witches and evil spirits.
Offer a prayer to Hom Yazad.
Recite Hom Yasht.
Remember Shah Shyavax.
Recite Haptan Yasht.
Recite Yatoo Ji Kardo paragraph repeatedly everyday.
To get victory over any kind of opposition or objection and disputes. Hindrances in monetary gain or profit.
Worship Behram Yazad.
Recite Behram Yasht.
Recite Yatha, Ashem continuously.
To get rid of all miseries and to achieve happiness
Recite Mahabokhtar Neyayesh.
Recite Sarosh Baj very often.
Recite Badhan Yasht (i.e. Yatha / Ashem / Yenghehe Hatam together) continuously.
To reunite with the dear ones who have gone abroad
Recite Ardibehest Yasht.
Recite Hom Yasht.
Recite Ahuramazda Yasht (as many times as possible during the day).
15. To achieve gain or profit in business, industry and service. Recite Ahuramazda Yasht.
Repeat 101 names of Dadar Ahuramazda off and on.
Offering of sandalwood to Atash Padshah.
Recite Mahbokhtar Neyayesh
Recite Ashishwangh Yasht & Ardibehest Yasht.
16. While commencing new work Recite Five Yathas and three Ashems.
Remember seven (Hafta) Ameshaspands.
Remember Shah Gayomard.
Remember Shah Jamshid.
Have Jashan Ceremony performed by Mobed Sahebs.
17. When you go through a bad patch (a period of misfortune) in life. Do Padyab Kusti very often.
Recite Ahuramazda Yasht.
Recite Ardibehest Yasht.
Recite Haptan Yasht.
Recite Yatha / Ashem continuously.
18. Fall a victim to somebody's evil eyes. Recite Nani or Moti Haptan yasht
19. When children lose their way during journey / outing or when on a trip Continue reciting Yatha Ahu Vairyo
Daroon Baj, Afringan and Yajasne of Sarosh yazad would be helpful.
Have Jashan ceremony also performed.
20. To beget children Recite Ardibehest Yasht.
Recite Shah Faredoon's Nirang.
21. To escape dishonour or discredit. Recite Sarosh Baj / Yasht
Recite Avan Yasht / Neyayesh.
Recite Mahbokhtar Neyayesh.
22. (i) If you want to have male issues.

(ii) If you do not have issues.

(iii) If issues do not continue to live a long life
Go to Atashbehram regularly

Recite Avan Yasht / Neyayesh

Worship Amardad Ameshaspand.
Recite Nani and Moti Hom Yasht.
Recite Behram Yasht.
Recite Atash Neyayesh.