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Why Should Our Prayers Be Recited In The Avesta Language Only
Compiled By: Hushang Vakil

Thousands of languages are spoken on this earth. In India alone, there are over 600 different dialects and thus people of different regions of the earth carry out their daily routine and the communications in their own languages.

There is only one language in which people cannot talk or communicate with each other and that is our 'Avestan Language' in which our Holy Prayers are written.

There are many people who claim to be Avestan Scholars. Different Universities of the world have even given Degrees of Ph.D. in Avesta Language, but the irony of it all is that the different scholars interpret the translations according to their own whims and fancies. For Example, our holy prayer of 'Yatha Ahu Vairyo' has been interpreted by different scholars and Ph.Ds.' resulting in various different translations.
To these scholars, any Zarathushti can ask a simple question - "if the translation which you have done are correct, then naturally the other translations of the other scholars ought to be wrong, so how will you prove them wrong?'. That is not all. Any Zarathushti can ask these Ph.Ds and scholars the following questions:

'Can you speak in the Avesta language which you claim to know, understand, and translate?'

'Do you greet each other in Avesta like 'How do you do? What is your name?' etc.

These are the most common words of greetings existing in all the languages and surely one would think that these scholars must be exchanging such greetings in Avesta, but the fact is that they do not and cannot converse in Avesta. No Avesta scholar can speak in Avesta, and for the very same reason, such Western scholars have called Avesta as a dead language. Really speaking, it is beyond the capacity of these scholars to understand the real essence of Avesta. The question, therefore, arises, as to the correct means of developing the capability of understanding the Avesta language.

The explanation for this was given by an elevated soul who had been given this knowledge by the Magav Delans of Damavand Koh. and which is as follows:-

At the beginning of Frashogard, i.e. at the very beginning when there was nothing except Dadar Ahura Mazda, neither our earth , nor the universe, nor any form of life or vegetation , nor the Yazads, Ameshaspandands and Fareshtas existed, the Almighty Dadar Ahura Mazda brought out a voice, a sound from within Himself. From this sound started the beginning of all our Manthravani, and the conglomeration of all the Manthravani was, there after called 'Sarosh Yazad'. This Manthravani that came out of Dadar Ahura Mazda Himself, is very Asho (Holy) because Ashoi ( Holiness) has also came out from Dadar Ahura Mazda and merged with Sarosh Yazad, and that is why Sarosh Yazad is referred to as Sarosh Asho. No other Yazad or Ameshaspand is known by the title of 'Asho'. Thus such holiest of the holy is our Avesta Manthravani which has emanated form the Almighty Himself and which is known as the language of Yazads, Ameshaspands, and Fareshtas.

Now, when can an ordinary person be able to understand the Avesta language? If any person could understand Avesta, it could be a devout Zarathushti and no one else, the reasons for which are as under.

The Almighty Dadar Ahura Mazda grants birth to a human being on this earth. The supreme duty of that human being is that he or she should remain faithful to the religion in which he or she is born and should perform such deeds as to please the Almighty Creator by virtue of which he or she attains soul-advancement. In this manner, every Non- Zarathushti does good deeds in his or her own religion, thus making his or her soul-advancement. And a time then comes when such a person becomes fit to be a Zarathushti.
When a Rainidar Saheb descends upon this earth from time to time as per the Almighty's will, to make the Zarathushti Religion proper and fit for that particular age, it is this Rainidar Saheb who converts those Non- Zarathushti's who have become worthy to come into our great Daena. These Rainidar Sahebs are spiritually highly advanced Ashavans, and by virtue of their spiritual powers, are able to know as to which Non- Zarathushti are worthy of becoming Zarathushtis and so make such Non-Zarathushti's into Zarathushti's by bestowing unto them the fire of 'Mino-Karko' and thus performing their Navjote ceremonies and making them Zarathushti's for the first time.

It should be understood that it is the Divine Right of these Rainidar Sahebs only, to perform Navjote of a Non-Zarathushti by bestowing that person with 'Mino Karko Atash' and no other Mobed or Dastur can perform such a Navjote because these Mobeds and Dasturs are unable to recognize whether a non-Zarathushti has become worthy to enter the Zarathushti Religion, let alone bestowing the fire of 'Mino-Karko'.

Thus, a person at last becomes a Zarathushti by undergoing the cycle of life and death innumerable times on this earth, and after becoming a Zarathushti for the first time, goes to the first 'Padh' (region) of the first Aasman (Heaven). Even after that, the person undergoes the cycle of life and death innumerable times as a Zarathushti, for their Rawaan -Bokhtagi (Soul- advancement), which would also be done by the same person's Rawaan in Hasti (Heavens). When this Rawaan, after ages, reaches the second 'Padh' of the fifth Aasman, it becomes worthy of obtaining the Ilam (knowledge) of 'Minostihgar', And the Almighty Dadar Ahura Mazda bestows upon this Rawaan the Ilam of 'Minostihgar'. What is this Ilam of Minostihgar? It is a kind of power.
The Almighty Creator has bestowed upon us human beings many powers. For example, our mind and brain through which we obtain the power of reasoning and thinking; Our eyes, which gives us the power of vision. Many such powers have been bestowed upon us; and in the same manner, the Ilam of Minostihgar is a power by which all the secrets of Avesta are laid open before a Rawaan having this Ilam. That means that such a Rawaan is able to understand the Avesta a hundred percent.

From this, we can see that the worthiness of understanding Avesta can only be achieved by a Zarathushti and that also by highly advanced fifth Aasman Rawaans of Zarathushti's. Therefore, how can a Non-Zarathushti ever be able to really understand Avesta?

The Zarathushtis who take birth in this world are mostly from the first three Aasmans who live their lives of joys and sorrows and thereby cut their 'Bud-Kerdar' (bad deeds) which had accumulated from their previous births. One of the paths given to us to cut the Bud-Kerdar is through Avesta Manthravani, which is given to us by the Rainidar Sahebs, who alone have the divine right to make changes in Avesta manthravani to make it more suitable to the needs of the time. These Rainidar Sahebs are the representatives of the Almighty and are highly advanced Rawaans of the Sixth Aasman, who know Avesta thoroughly and who possess the power of making Miracles as and when they wish. It becomes our holy duty that the Avesta manthravani given by such worthy Sahebs should be recited by us.

As we have seen before, Sarosh Yazad is made of Manthravani, and it is Sarosh Yazad who becomes the protector of a Zarathushti Rawaan after death till 'Chahrumni Bandad' (the dawn of the fourth day). When Avesta Manthravani is recited for that Rawaan, Sarosh Yazad becomes glad and the Rawaan also is joyous and on the fourth day goes happily to its destination in the 'Hasti'.

Avesta is the only language in which the ceremonies and prayers which are performed reach a place in Hasti known as 'Ganje-Manthra' or 'Ganje- Dadar' and the benefits derived from these prayers which accumulate in this Ganj (Treasury) are bestowed upon every Zarathushti Rawaan - such is the great justice of the Creator.
The vibrations of no other language reach Hasti because Avesta is the language of Hasti and we, Zarathushtis are the inhabitants of Hasti.

It is therefore concluded from the above that we, ordinary Zarathushtis, who are from the first three Aasmans of Hasti, can make our Rawaan-Bokhtagi by reciting the Avesta given to us by the Rainidar sahebs who are of Garothman, i.e. the sixth Aasman. The Rawaans of the fourth Aasman and above generally do not come to earth as they have no Bud-Kerdar. They do come occasionally on some special missions of the Almighty. Thus, if we ordinary Zarathushtrians want to make progress of our Rawaan in the Hasti, then we have to recite our prayers in a language which goes directly to the Hasti, i.e. the Avesta language.

For the above reasons, every Zarathushti should recite their prayers and perform their ceremonies in Avesta language which at first came out from God Himself and which is the language of the Yazads, Ameshaspands, and Fareshtas. Even if we don't understand Avesta, the prayers are to be recited with full faith and the greater the faith the better would be the fruit- such is the law of nature.


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